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The working staff of “Kedentransservice” JSC creates its own labor organization


An initiative group of employees started working on a project to create a trade union organization two months ago. At the initial stage, the first conference on constituent issues was organized in the Central Office of JSC «Kedentransservice».

The Company’s employees sent one representative of the regional collectives to the capital. At the general meeting, the delegates discussed organizational issues and voiced the wishes of the staff. The Professional Union of employees of JSC «Kedentransservice» will be registered as a public association. According to the company’s executives, in particular the Vice-president for Economics and Finance Gulnara Zhumanova, » The project of creating a trade union should not be a project on paper.» According to the vice-president ,» Both the company’s management and the trade union committee should do everything to ensure that the Company’s employees have confidence in the trade union.»

The public Association » Professional Union of Employees of JSC «Kedentransservice» will protect the interests of the company’s workforce. A collective agreement for 2012-2014 will be signed as the legal basis for relations between the joint-stock company and the trade union. The draft collective agreement states that the trade union of JSC «Kedentransservice» will provide preferential treatment to employees with serious illnesses, will provide financial assistance in crisis situations and will take part in labor disputes. Immediately after the signing of the collective agreement, the professional union of employees of the company will organize preferential summer holidays for the children of employees.