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TransKazakhstan/Translogistica International Exhibition


TransKazakhstan/Translogistica international exhibition is held annually by international exhibition companies Atakent-Expo and Iteca jointly with its international partner ITE Group (UK) with the support of the Ministry for Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC, KAZLOGISTICS Transporters Union of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Association of Carriers and Wagon Operators, and Association of National Freight Forwarders. The exhibition demonstrates a full range of industry solutions: from freight forwarding services to software and equipment for cargo storage and handling. Heads and specialists of Kedentransservice JSC took part in “Transport and Logistics” TransLogistica Kazakhstan 2019 the 23rd Kazakhstan International Exhibition, and also held a number of successful meetings with Kazakhstan companies and companies from far and near abroad in order to create a productive cooperation of transport and logistics services.