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On overloading China — Altynkol — Kostanay to the car plant of «SaryarkaAvtoProm» LLP.


Dear customers and partners of «Kedentransservice» JSC!
We hereby inform you that in September — October of this year «Kedentransservice» JSC provides bus transshipment at Altynkol station, which follow the route China — Altynkol — Kostanay to the car plant of SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP.
It is necessary to note that this service is regular and buses are reloaded to Kazakhstani cars at the Kedenttransservice JSC terminal of Altynkol station.
The terminal’s transshipment equipment at Altynkol station allows performing this service with high quality and on time.
«Kedentransservice» JSC is targeted at continuing to increase transshipment volume in order to increase its competitiveness among other transport and logistics operators.