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JSC “Kedentransservice” takes part in the 13th International PR Forum


On May 18-19, 2017 in Almaty there was the 13th International PR-Forum: the Year of the “leap” PR.

The opening began with welcoming words of General Director of Promo Group Communications Asel Karaulova and President of the PR club Aida Dosayeva. A special guest of the Forum President of the Worldwide PR-Organization ICCO Maxim Bekhar also delivered a welcoming speech.

The plenary session of the Forum began with a discussion of the loud “communication” failures of the last year. Based on the results of monitoring of Kazakhstani mass media they presented an anti-rating of PR-cases, which were examples of inefficient communications. Speakers on the topic were Gulmira Ileuova, President of PF “Center for Social and Political Studies”, political analyst Aidos Syrym, Director of the Risk Assessment Group Dosym Satpaev, General Director of the PG Communications Agency Asel Karaulova, a well-known communications specialist Alisher Elikbaev and Director of the Applied Research Center “Talap” Rakhim Oshakbaev.

Following the meeting the speakers agreed that communication failures have a link with the economic and political component. In addition, the lack of a systematic approach to communication plays a serious role. It should be noted that qualitative changes are taking place, the policy has become more open and there are attempts to build a dialogue. But what is happening now in the sphere of communications is a consequence of many years of unprofessional development of the media market.

At the second session of the plenary meeting international and local trends in the PR industry were discussed.

President of the world-wide PR-organization ICCO Maxim Bekhar said that it is PR that will be the leader of the process, since only PR can control crisis and reputation; it is PR specialists who must be content masters and be able to manage the process.

The speakers talked on the role of communications in attracting direct foreign investment into the country, their seeing of the trends in the communications market; they also presented the annual rating of Kazakhstan companies in various industries, which is compiled together with the RFCA Rating Agency.

Particular attention was paid to the session on PR & GR (Government relations) in the work of companies. In Kazakhstan, “relations with the government” (GR) as a “function” appeared with the advent of global companies to our market.

The participants in the discussion agreed that GR is primarily a function of building for the company new opportunities and long-term mutually beneficial trust relationships to eliminate risks. While the industry is still being formed, GR is a universal specialist capable of communicating with the state in various sectors.

Summing up the Forum, Promo Group Communications General Director Asel Karaulova noted that today we have integrated communications, live at the junction of different communication channels, both digital and traditional; the work becomes more interesting and complicated. The responsibility of PR specialists for the projects being implemented by companies has increased; a mechanism for the correct presentation of the company’s reputation in the society from the point of view of civic initiatives is being developed and applied.