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JSC «Kedentransservice» is 100% ready for winter


Employees of JSC «Kedentransservice» have completed all 28 activities in accordance with the «Plan for preparing the farm for work in the winter». Among the activities, an audit of gas boilers, chimneys, gas meters and gas correctors was carried out, and works on flushing and pressure testing of heating systems of buildings were carried out. At the same time, the employees’ need for winter overalls was fully met — about 800 new sets of overalls were purchased.

Traditionally, special attention was paid to the preparation of truck cranes and gantry cranes for work in winter conditions, maintenance of forklifts and other special equipment, as well as ensuring an adequate supply of fuels and lubricants and coal, which is supplied according to the schedule to all branches of the Company.

Before the onset of cold weather, experienced workers conducted technical briefings and classes on observing safety rules when working in the winter for young railway workers — 63 first winter workers.

All responsible structural divisions, technical means and infrastructure of the Company are ready to ensure uninterrupted operation under any temperature conditions in order to provide customers and partners with high-quality service.