About company

“Kedentransservice” JSC is a leading provider of logistic terminals in Kazakhstan, which is present in the market of transportation and logistics services for over 16 years. The company has unique assets and competencies in the area of terminal cargo handling, and also holds leading position in transloading of imported Chinese goods at the border station “Dostyk”. The terminals are located in all regions and cities of Kazakhstan".

The main Mission of the Company is:

“High-quality and the most efficient provision of customers’ needs for integrated transport and logistics services.”

The main strategic goal of the Company is:

“The increase in capitalization due to the growth of the business scale and increase of efficiency of activity.”

Today our company is a full-fledged operator, providing transport and logistics services not only in Kazakhstan, but also outside it.

Within the framework of the state program for accelerated industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan for 2010-2014 “Kedentransservice” JSC implemented IT program IRS “Transportation”, which allowed to automate the process of paying and providing services to customers, and to create and promote the development of “integrated service”.

Further prospects of development of its service “Kedentransservice” JSC sees in the integration of information systems with the “Trans-container” PJSC to ensure the transition from the “integrated service” to a “through”, “cross-linked” service.

A significant step in the development of the company’s service was the opening of a representa-tive office in China (Urumqi) in 2012; in 2013 — the opening of a representative office in Uzbekistan (Tashkent), which have experience in providing freight forwarding services to shippers and shipping companies.

“Kedentransservice” JSC is holding a leading position in Kazakhstan in overloading of goods imported from China at the border station Dostyk, Altynkol.

The company is growing rapidly and now they have opened a branch in Altynkol station, where transshipment of container cargoes and packaged ones is already being carried out.

In accordance with the concept of reforming the railway industry in Kazakhstan a “Kedentransservice” JSC private park of fitting platforms has taken platforms in the amount of 5,000 units.

“Kedentransservice” JSC has established partnerships with 50 transports — logistics and operator companies in Central and South-East Asia, China and Europe.

In addition, more than 150 freight forwarding companies are our clients.

Being a bridge between Europe and Asia, we strive to become in collaboration with our partners a center of transportation competence and drawing up a universal logistics.